NPSL South Central Schedule Finally Pieced Together

Finally, the Galveston Pirate Soccer Club match schedule has been completed for the upcoming NPSL.
After discussions with the teams involved and the NPSL regional commissioner, dates and times have been 
agreed, giving all the teams a summer of sun to look forward too.
11 May v America USA FC, 7pm kick off, Weis Stadium, Galveston
19 May  v Regals SCA, 7pm kick off, Maya Park, Houston
26 May  v Texas South Devils, 7pm kick off, Weis Stadium, Galveston
2 June  v Texas South Devils, 7pm kick off, McAllen, Texas
9 June  v FC New Orleans, 6pm kick off, Weis Stadium, Galveston
16 June v FC New Orleans, 6pm kick off, Venue TBC
23 June v America USA FC, 7pm kick off, USA Soccer Park, Houston
30 June v Regals SCA, 7pm kick off, Weis Stadium, Galveston
It's took a while to finally piece it all together but the ultimate jigsaw puzzle piece fell into place last week and 
now allows us to release the full schedule for the fans to prepare for the NPSL South Central Cup summer of 
Pirate coach Brendan Keyes said:"It's took a while to get the teams in place but the games have been finalised
at last. Initially we thought we'd need to travel to Arkansas and Oklahoma but due to some schedule issues, 
Tulsa, Fort Smith and others are now joining next season and not this year."
"This allowed the NPSL to approach other more local sides to play in the South Central and gives all the teams
now involved to travel more locally without the need for extensive travelling." continued Keyes.
"With the exception of New Orleans, we are close enough to the other clubs to not worry about a huge road
trip, and even New Orleans isn't a drag because let's face it,who doesn't enjoy making the trip to New 
It sets the Pirates up for an exciting few months; With State Cup matches and San Antonio Scorpions coming 
up in March, US Open Cup qualifying in April, the big games just don't stop coming for the team from 
With recent sponsor and media partner Azteca 51 coming on board in recent weeks, the club is beginning to 
reach a new platform of awareness within the public eye, a platform that will see the club reach new heights 
and realms of soccer over the coming months as the NPSL season rolls into town.
Ticket prices have been set at $10 for each of the four home NPSL matches, with a bundle price of $35 for all
four if purchased in advance.
Kids under 12 will be granted free entry when accompanied with another full paying